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Back End Show #5

We are really starting to do as those do within the sandbox. In this episode, expect to hear a full announcement of the Backpocket Boys committing to Greenway hockey for the 2020 season. Sam claims to be the worlds greats Big Buck Hunter player, so we're hosting a tournament in the coming weeks to truly to determine this grand claim (hit our line if you want to be included). Andrew is scared about his hairline... nothing new there. We all think he's doing alright. Declan realizes he should start closing his legs more. When it comes to what we learned, Andrew watched Free Solo and learned about Alex Honnald's ability to combat fear. Declan wants sphere packaging implemented ASAP, and Sam brings the youth to the table with young rappers. To Vinny Amendola and Mr. & Mrs. Inserra, thanks for your continued support. Cheers to the Marketing Interns!

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