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10 Important Backpocket Podcasts

If you’re a new Marketing Intern at the Backpocket (meaning you just started listening to our podcast),  119 episodes between SZN 1 and 2 is an incredible amount of episodes that we don’t expect you to listen to unless you’re a tier above the rest.

So with that being said, we put together a list of our Top 10 favorite episodes that will catch you up and get you back on track for SZN 3.


S1 E6 President Sullivan

This was our first interview with what we would consider a reach guest. President Julie Sullivan is the current president at the University of St. Thomas and we were fortunate enough to sit down with her and discuss her journey. The very first question we ask is if UST stadium will be getting a dome over our stadium because she specified in her letter to the students that the football stadium would be getting new turf IN O'Shaughnessey stadium (as opposed to on).


S1 E17 F.A.M.I.L.Y. feat. John and Carol Inserra

We really started to find a system and get in a groove the first summer we started running the podcast. This was easily the highlight of that summer’s worth of interviews. John and Carol are Andrew’s loving parents. They discuss their story of finding each other and how they started a strong, tight knit family that is the Inserra’s. If you want to learn Andrew’s upbringing, this is the perfect podcast for you!


MIS #17 Annie Vitale

A Marketing Intern is a listener and a learner of the Backpocket. The Marketing Intern Spotlight is an episode dedicated to them. Annie is a good friend and phenomenal artist who designed our logo. She talks about the ups and downs through her college career as a dancer, finding a job as a post grad art history major, and the overnight decision that lead her to getting her masters in Art History. If you know Annie or want to get to know Annie, this podcast is for you.

S2 E37 Brewing Practicality feat. Mike Schwandt

Mike Schwandt is a doer of all things: co-founder of BauHaus Brew Labs, lead singer for Viva Knievel, founder of Let’s Fucking Go inc., and a loving father and husband. We unpack how Mike balances his life and his gift of approaching everything with practicality. He gives great advice for people in their 20s, so if that’s you this might be the podcast to throw on the que.


S1 E28 Time Management feat. John Abraham

John Abraham is a Heat Transfer Professor and Climate Change Scientist at the University of St. Thomas. He is one hell of a conversationalist. He unpacked his journey, how climate change is affecting the world, and his experience Running with the Bulls on this podcast. It’s also worth mentioning that this is by far Declan’s favorite podcast.

MIS #18 Sam Schuneman

One day in the October 2018, we received a Instagram DM from this college kid asking if we needed any help. A couple weeks later that college kid was hired as our first Intern. We asked him to show up and he kept showing up time after time, helping in anyway possible. Intern Sam has been a huge pick up for the Backpocket. The first time we met him we had a great conversation, and just so happened to record it. If you want to learn more about Intern Sam, this is the podcast for you.

S2 E32 You Got This feat. Stationary Astronaut

Whether it’s booking Gary Vaynerchuk down in Rochester, or traveling to Costa Rica to experience the ayahuasca brew, Nick McLaughlin has one hell of a story. Nick is the president and visionary of Stationary Astronaut, a philanthropic media event and promotion company. This podcast was just the beginning of the collaboration between Backpocket and Stationary Astronaut. If you’re a big Joe Rogan fan, this is a great episode of ours that you WILL enjoy.

S2 E30 In the Moment feat. Coach Glenn Caruso

Coach Caruso is the head football coach at the University of St. Thomas. Through our experience playing under him, we developed the Backpocket mindset. Whether it’s Figure Out Adjust and Go (FOAG), F.A.M.I.L.Y. (Forget About Me I Love You), or loving the process, all are embodied in Coach Caruso and the Backpocket. This is a great podcast to understand where the Backpocket WHY was developed and HOW we kept the podcast rolling.

S2 E39 Finding What You Love feat. Gino Giovannelli

Gino Giovannelli is a Digital Marketing professor at the University of St. Thomas. He talks about his journey from graduating college with a engineering degree, finding a passion for marketing and pursuing it, bangin’ on the drums, and running the SB 52 website. Gino provides some serious insight on how to really find what you love making it a great podcast for all those Marketing Interns in their 20s.

S2 E45 The Guiding Light feat. Giselle Ugarte

Giselle is the glue piece, the guiding light of the Backpocket. It started back when we interviewed her for the first time in July and our relationship has blossomed ten-fold. We talk about Giselle’s transition from Radio to Media Bridge Advertising and her struggles/successes along the way. This podcast has some great behind the scenes stories with the Backpocket including how Andrew ended up getting hired by Media Bridge Advertising.

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