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See above for my quick and cheesy sketch I made for this blog. Sometimes, pictures are worth more than words. 

As entrepreneur's we are typically asked two questions when you have an idea we want to make into a reality:

1) What's the problem?

2) How does your product solve that problem?

They are both valid questions and serve as the cornerstone of many businesses and startups. The Backpocket is at a really unique point in its life because our product is our voice and the promotion of others. Some would argue "Is that even a product?" and it's a great question. I believe it is a product because it serves as a tool of creation that can be pushed across all these social media platforms and outlets of information. However, it is myself and Andrew’s job to figure out how to monetize from the users that are engaging and all the new users that we will acquire through our commitment to the process.

As we start to figure out our mold and a route for monetization, we know that even though we have a plan, that plan is going to change as we dive into new endeavors. We may look back 5 years from now and laugh at how we tried to make money. There will be many surprises along the way undoubtedly, but the commitment to always learning and leveraging self-awareness will be the reason we find success with the podcast.

It always shocks me how fast everything changes in the current world. Today one of the most common platforms is social media, tomorrow it’ll be VR and AI, and beyond that??? It’s really impossible to tell. However, the one platform that has never gone astray is human conversation. People crave human interaction, it’s the foundation of who we are as human beings. Our podcast is nothing but a conversation, thus making it a consistent platform that people can crave and appreciate. Conversations extend far beyond the podcast. You don’t have to have a podcast to have a meaningful conversation. It can be coffee, dinner, drinks on Thursday, etc. Regardless of what it is, utilize it because you are in total control. Human conversation is one of the platforms that doesn’t have an algorithm.

Blog 2 is in the books. If you have feedback about our content or would like to help in anyway, please reach out to us here.

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