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The New

Thank you for joining us on our journey to provide written content! Receiving so much positive feedback with our first three blog posts has been incredibly rewarding.  We are grateful to have all of these wonderful marketing interns.

The series of blogs (including this one) with the tag, “Evolution of Average” will detail our average qualities and actions we are taking to improve on them.  Additionally, this series will identify average qualities we believe society is upholding (this is our opinion and we understand we are making certain generalizations). As you as know, controversy is the air we breathe.  Remember, average qualities are not to be perceived as a bad thing; they are intended to provide an opportunity to grow and develop.

The first average quality we want to address is THE NEW.  When an unexpected scenario is presented, the first response in not necessarily regarded as the best response.  When purchasing a new car, your first time behind the wheel may not be the most efficient. When you purchase a new phone, you won’t know how to use all of the features properly.  When you go on vacation, there is a lot of uncertainty and unknown during the first day.

Our first performance in front of a live audience at our university was exactly that: we had a lot of flaws.  A significant amount of people showed up; however, they were more interested in the free food than our content.  Our microphones had a constant piercing noise.  Our guest wasn’t holding the mic close enough to his mouth. The lighting did not allow for high quality photos.  We did not expect these issues to arise, yet we never stopped.  THE NEW is not going to be picture-perfect.  THE NEW is a perfect time for gathering information for THE NEXT opportunity.

Trust yourself when new circumstances surface.  Stick to your authentic self, and keep taking action because the next time you are in that predicament, you will improve and not make the same mistake twice.  Reflect and learn how to adjust accordingly because we believe the biggest improvements are from one to two.

Please comment below any thoughts, questions, or concerns! We love to interact with our marketing interns.