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Building Confidence to Try Something New

Do you remember your first kiss? Or riding your bike for the first time? From what I remember, that shit was scary. I was terrified. Terrified of the unknown, the repercussions, the result.

Looking back on it, I look at all those things without any fear or terror. I am fairly confident in my ability to ride a bike or kiss a girl (allegedly). I am confident because I made that first step and tried it out, figured out how to do it, and then did it again, and again, and again. I built confidence.

We’ve been running our podcast for around 20 months now, and we’re coming up on the 2 year mark. We have built the confidence to record a podcast and produce content and context in a way that we would’ve never thought achievable. How did we do it? We tried it out. The start of our podcast was literally the ole college try. It didn’t start out as much, but we continually kept trying, and over time, got a little bit better every day. We tried new things every week to improve our podcast, and we documented all of them; we called them Average Qualities. The Average Qualities helped us remain accountable and persistent in our efforts to fix them. As we continued to do this, we grew the confidence to try new things out to grow our brand and were comfortable not knowing the outcome.

The consistency is what built the confidence. The confidence allowed us to try new things. Trying new things enabled us to grow.

We have followed this blueprint since we started. It hasn’t been perfect. We aren’t saying this is the method for you. However, having the confidence to try something and feeling comfortable with not knowing the result is something that you can take with you in anything you do. We hope our journey and process can curate some confidence for you.