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Decky's Big Break

I don’t know about you, but the Monday after Thanksgiving is never easy for me. Going back to work after a long weekend of eating my face off, drinking with the high school buddies, and getting scolded by my cranky Uncle Doug presents a special challenge. It became especially difficult when I remembered the promise I made to Declan like three weeks prior about going to watch him do standup comedy for the first time. I’ll be honest, I had no interest in doing anything that night let alone go watch my roommate potentially embarrass himself in front of a live audience. Well, I ended up deciding to be a nice guy and fight off the exhaustion to support him. Man am I happy I did.

I showed up to Acme and was greeted by The Backpocket boys and a few other fellow backup producers. (Side Note: Acme Comedy Company is the premier comedy club in the Twin Cities and known for bringing in national talent weekly. Supposedly, if an open mic participant messes up or goes over their time allowance, they’re not welcomed back. Yup, Declan scheduled his first ever comedy routine at this place. What could go wrong?). Declan was clearly showing signs of nervousness. Talking extra fast, heavy breathing, pacing in circles, you name it, he was doing it. We then found our seats and patiently sat through a few other first time acts that were also clearly nervous and, as you might imagine, not very funny. Finally, Decky “The Big Cheese” Brown made it up on stage.

He got some early confidence boosting chuckles with a clever ad-lib about his giant cone nipples. He then went into his planned three minute routine that I’m sure he had been reciting in his head the past three months. It was a really well thought out bit about his thoughts on Uber with a never before heard Ludacris like voice and persona to add a little extra punch. Well played, Dec. He brought out genuine laughs from myself, Andrew, and all the members of the audience around us. Just like Luda, Declan has a very promising multi-talented career ahead of him.

Speaking of multi-talented careers, the highlight of the night came long after Dec left the stage. Unnexpeditly, the MC announced that next up was Nick Swardson. You know, the roller skate guy from Reno 911! and the crazy Jimmy MacElroy fan in Blades of Glory. Still not ringing any bells? Well, he’s famous and funny and he showed up unannounced to Declan’s first ever standup! Coincidence? I think not!

Obviously still drunk from celebrating the Vikings victory over the Packers the night before, he was sporting A Vikings mohawk hat, a Master Chief Halo sweatshirt, and purple nail polish. He also shamelessly admitted that he still hadn’t showered. After drawing a lot of laughs about how he hates the state of Wisconsin, he blessed the crowd with never before jokes he wanted to test. However, the new material he was testing sadly was not nearly as good as the Sheep Shipper scene from Just Go With It. We of course still fanboyed and followed him to the bar afterwards where he graciously talked with us and gave Declan his blessing. All and all, it was an above average night for some wildy average guys.


1) Say yes more

2) Support your friends

3) Declan made me laugh harder than Nick Swardson (actually) and has a promising future in standup. Stay tuned.