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Thank you for swiping up to get this bread. The bread which we wish to share with all of you is humility. We are the Backpocket podcast, a growth and development podcast that delivers content in a lighthearted, comedic fashion every week. In other words, we’re the Backpocket Bakery.

The podcast is co-hosted by Andrew Inserra and Declan Brown, two wildly average St. Thomas graduates who fully recognize their failures. Through our average qualities, we strive to narrate our growth and learn from the stories of each guest we have on the show. We identify our average qualities to promote humility and stimulate growth. We bring life and appreciation to the stories of common individuals. The podcast illuminates how every person has an innate ability to be an entrepreneur, motivator and an influencer.

You have the opportunity to get this bread with us 3 times a week. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday we release a new podcast.

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