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Golden Nuggets of T.J. Lavin, Austin Jochum and Back End Show #1

The first week of Season 3 was a smashing hit. We got off to a hot start with T.J. Lavin, host of MTV’s the Challenge, then got after an insanely motivating story in Austin Jochum, and finished the week with our first ever Back End Show.

There are obvious areas of improvement after the first week. Whether it’s not getting any footy with T.J. due to bandwidth limitations or not wanting to give up the floral chairs as part of our (alleged) contract with Spotify, it was all captured in this weeks Golden Nuggets.

Golden Nugget episodes going forward will be one highlighted moment from each of the 3 weekly shows (Monday Show, The Marketing Intern Spotlight, and Back End Show). This weeks 3 Golden Nuggets are:

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Give, Give, Give

Most people drive by the beggars on the side of the street. TJ Lavin asks them if they want to go eat somewhere. T.J. tells some incredible stories of him picking up homeless people and taking them out to eat, or road tripping across the country with hitchhikers. He urged the listeners to find opportunities to give to those in need and to be honest here, it’s not hard to find so go take action.

Listen to this full episode here.


What if Spotify Gave us an Offer?

With the recent news of Spotify buying the pioneer podcast start ups Gimlet Media and for $500 million we had to put ourselves in the same scenario with Spotify... 1 thing we're NOT negotiating is our floral chairs. The BACK END SHOW is a new show with just the BP boys at the back end of each week. Please enjoy and let us know where we're average.

Listen to this full episode here.

What’s Your Fuel Source?

Austin Jochum was a All-American football player for the University of St. Thomas with tons of great achievements, but it was all fueled by this “prove the world wrong”, “fuck you” mentality. It wasn’t until Austin started to look inward and saw how he was perceived by his players. He did not like what he saw. So he made a change. And that change was altering his FUEL SOURCE. Instead of being fueled by hate, he switched to being fueled by love.

Listen to this full episode here.

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