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Golden Nuggets of Alex French, Piff Peterson, and Back End Show #3

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Week 3 (also referred to as #GasWeek) got off to a very hot start with Alex French, cofounder of Bizzy Coffee and Ironman athlete, then followed strong with once Backpocket filmer now TikTok Star Piff Peterson, and finished the week as we always do with our third Back End Show featuring guest producer and roommate Jack Burke.

This weeks Golden Nuggets are:

What’s in Alex’s Backpocket?

You don't crush Iron Man's for fun unless you're setting it as a goal and creating deadlines for fitness milestones. Alex’s ability to set goals and deadlines to hold himself accountable is something he relies on heavily through tough times. It’s an absolute asset to him that he keeps and utilizes whenever he needs it.

Learn more about Alex here.

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Making Content for you vs. What Will Go Viral

There's a difference between making videos FOR YOU and making videos that you know will perform. Piff unpacks why it's so important to make content for yourself. Far too often people get caught up in posting content for likes, views, and engagement. Piff says all of that is great but It all goes back to your brand and WHY you create because that’s what’s sustainable.

Learn more about Piff here.

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Jack Burke Shows the Marketing Interns Why His Voice is Made for Podcasting

Guest Producer and Roommate Jack Burke joins the show and reminds the world that his voice was meant for podcasting. The low baritone voice that soothes the ears of many dropped some hot takes right away in the show.

If you’d like to enjoy the full Back End Show #3, look no further.

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