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Golden Nuggets of Ben VW, Nasser Lubega and Back End Show #7

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As shocking as this may seem, no we did not pull any April Fools jokes this week. However, we did have great guests like Ben VW, chairman and president of Woodchuck USA, Nasser Lubega, a friend from Kenya studying to be a doctor, and Back End Show #7 with Andrew’s Average Dental Hygiene.

This weeks Golden Nuggets are:

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Mother Nature is the Best Mom Ever

Ben has traveled to all 7 continents and has seen Mother Nature at her best but also at her worst. Beyond the custom wood products and trees that he plants, Ben's mission is to sustain the world's climate and preserve the nature of the world for generations to come. Whether it’s the massive glaciers in Antarctica, or the beautiful waterfalls in Bali, Mother Nature has this incredible power to instill perspective and Ben wants everyone to experience that.

Listen to more of Ben’s story here.

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Look at People for Who they are Not What They Are

At the age of 12, Nasser left his home and family in Uganda for Kenya for boarding school. He would only go back for holidays and such but for the most part he was on his own. Nasser created an incredible innate ability to find the good in everyone, to let them show who they were instead of casting judgement. He made new long term friends and created a second home for himself because he had to. Nasser’s perspective on life and his story is incredibly unique and we were stoked to have him on. Listen to more of his story here.

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5 Cavities Too Many

Andrew’s yearly checkup to the doctor turned south very quickly as he soon realized his Average Quality has been dental hygiene for quite sometime. We unpack his experience at the dentist and what we ABSOLUTELY LOVE about the dentist. This week’s Back End Show was one of our favorites, including our new discovery of the word “Posh”.

Listen more to Back End Show here.

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