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Golden Nuggets of Chelsey Larson, Coach Rosenthan, and Back End Show #3

1 month into Season 3 and the boys are starting to click. This week features a kidney donor and avid golfer, Chelsey Larson, Andrew and Declan’s former UST coach Josh Rosenthal, and a killer Back End Show featuring the a NEW segment Average Quality Consultants.

This weeks Golden Nuggets are:

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What’s Your 5-Year Plan?

Chelsey has NO IDEA what her "5 Year Plan" is. She doesn't like that question because if you told her when she was 21 that she would donate her kidney, do some taxes for awhile, and move to Colorado she would've laughed in your face . The point is not to abandon long term goals, it’s to focus on the present and understand how life throws opportunities at you that can change your life. It’s your job to take those opportunities.

Learn more about Chelsey’s road to donating her kidney.

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The Only Thing Special About Me is I do What I Love

Coach Rosie was our coach at UST for 4 years and the majority of time we spent with him was on the scout team. He talks about how he is the epitome of a Wildly Average guy. He simply does what he loves to do with coaching football, being a husband, and great father. That is what makes him special, but more so, the people around him in his life is what is truly special.

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Hear more about Coach Rosie’s journey here.

We’re Walking Billboards

On this week’s Back End Show, Andrew realizes that he pretty much only wears clothing that Backpocket guests give him. Comparatively, Declan realizes the same thing but his only other option is to wear clothes his mom bought him (which has been a tradition throughout his entire life). The fellas also introduce a brand new segment where they take Average Quality submissions from the Marketing Interns (the listeners).

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