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Golden Nuggets of J.C. Lippold, Lisa Evanson, and Back End Show #2

This weeks Golden Nuggets features J.C. Lippold, a fitness coach and marathon runner, Lisa Evanson, a Twin Cities comic who absolutely crushed at our 2 year Anniversary Party, and our second Back End Show. The biggest improvement is from Week 1 to 2 so please let us know if we improved in any way. The content this week was absolute heat.

This week’s 3 Golden Nuggets are:

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Why Boutique Fitness?

Boutique fitness places charge more money than Lifetime or LA Fitness, and they give less, but why are they so successful? Because they give you something focused, and they know YOU. J.C. describes this movement and goes as far to say that these spaces have posed as the new modern day church.

Listen to this episode here.


The Importance of Comedy in Lisa’s Life

Comedy plays a vital role in Lisa's life far beyond the satisfaction of the laughs. Comedy helps her build self-confidence which has been an average quality of Lisa’s for as long as she can remember. Comedy is a space that allows her to be herself and deliver something that a joke that she believes to be hysterical (and 99% of the time it is).

Listen to this episode here.


Does Decal Have a Problem with Humility?

For most people, when you receive birthday texts from friends and family, you respond to them. For Declan, that seems to not be the case, especially with Sam. After Decal didn't respond to Sam's HBD text, it became very apparent that Decal has a serious problem with being humble. The boys unpack the issue on this weeks Back End Show.

Listen to this episode here.

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