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Golden Nuggets of Josh Neumann, Josh Parks, and Back End Show #5

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We made a rookie podcast mistake putting Josh’s in 3 of the last 4 podcasts (Josh Rosenthal, Josh Neumann, and Josh Parks). No one is going to call us out for it so we’ll take care of it ourselves. This weeks features include Josh Neumann, founder of Kind Lips, Jost Parks, founder of GhostFit, and Back End Show #5.

This week’s Golden Nuggets are:

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Put Your Kind Lips On

One day Josh had a random bulk sale of Kind Lips from a fellow friend. He later found out that this friend had bought Kind Lips for her 5th grade students and whenever kid's were being mean their classmates would hold them accountable by saying "Put your Kind Lips On" . Josh aims to use his lip balm as a vehicle to amplify kindness and this story is a great example of that in action.

Learn more about Josh and Kind Lips here.

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Everyone Starts Out Horrible

When Josh reflects on his first days of starting GhostFit he laughs because it was horrible. However, he says the best part about it all is getting better while trusting the process. Ghost Fit’s motto is Raising Your Standards and Josh exudes that to the fullest extent. His story is not only about raising his standards but simply finding them and growing each day.

Learn more about Josh and GhostFit here.

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Do as the People Do Within the Sandbox

We are now 5 weeks in our quest to Dominate the Sandbox and we unpack how we are doing so by doing as the people do within the Sandbox. This week we reflect on the MN High School State Hockey Tournament (what we call the Sandbox State Tourney) and talk about other possible actions to Dominate the Sandbox this year.

Listen to more of this episode here.

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