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Golden Nuggets of Minneninja, Tommy Laken, and

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Already 6 weeks into this thing and the boys are running at high velocity with average qualities and incredible conversations delivering like Muhammad Ali (allegedly). This week’s guests include Jennifer Tavernier, a former American Ninja Warrior and fitness advocate empowering others through strength, Tommy Laken, Intern Sam’s best friend and Canadien advocate, and finally the 6th week straight of the Back End Show where we address some serious rumblings about the Backpocket.

This weeks Golden Nuggets are:

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Empowering Others Through Strength

Whether it’s playing tennis at Bethel University, starting her own Stroller Fitness company, competing in American Ninja Warrior, or starting an instagram just 3 three years ago to post fitness videos, Jennifer has always had fitness at a VITAL part in her life. She aims to share that same empowerment she’s received with all of her followers, fans and friends.

Learn more about Jen’s journey through strength here.

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This Kid Loves Canada

Tommy has a unique tradition of traveling up with his friends to scoop the loop in Canada enjoying all kinds of wonderful Canadian treasures such as Kraft Peanut Butter, All Dressed Ruffles, and eat poutine (pronounced “Putin”). Tommy is Intern Sam’s best friend and after this conversation we had with him it’s safe to say we’re now great friends with him as well.

Kraft Peanut Butter is actually the real deal, and one of the best things that Canada has going for them right now, find out why here.

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We Lost Some Confidence this Week

Yeah… you read that right. We lost some confidence this week. The core 3 segments of the Backpocket have been “What’s Your Average Quality?”, “What did you learn today?”, and we always have a Feel Good Story. However, after digging through the archives, dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s, we’ve found that not EVERY EPISODE has these three things. In fact, an increasing number of our episodes lack all three core segments. The only episode now that contains all three is the beloved, and brand new Back End Show. It’s not a bad thing, it’s a testament to our evolution as a podcast.

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