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S2 E31 - Top 3 Golden Nuggets


(feat. Phil Xiao)

Season 2 Episode 31

Top 3 Golden Nuggets

Declan Brown’s Golden Nuggets

  1. People are starting to figure out how to add value. Young people need to leverage how they can add value early on in there personal and professional careers.

  2. The college experience, in a way, is learning how to learn.

  3. Love what you do and not the money it makes.

Andrew Inserra’s Golden Nuggets

  1. The seeds we sow are the plants that grow. Don’t give up on yourself. You never know when the plant will pop through the soil.

  2. As a comedy podcast, we enjoy attempting to make our listeners laugh. At the end of the day, we truly make ourselves laugh more than anything.

  3. Optimizing Homi’s platform is fully in the users hands.

Disclaimer: Our personal definition of a golden nugget is discovering and extracting something useful we can build on. We are writing this thread to open up more avenues of conversation between us and our audience. We desire interaction!

Interacting with us on this page is straightforward. Go to the bottom of the page and write up a comment. It could be your golden nugget or it could be a critique of ours. All energy is welcome.

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