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Introduction to the World of Blogging

Welcome Marketing Interns!

We are committed to unlocking everyone’s innate ability to be an entrepreneur, motivator, and influencer.  What exactly does that mean?  Well, there is an inordinate amount of qualities within each of these titles.  This introductory blog is dedicated to detailing how Backpocket Blog will be an additional platform for everyday people to feel inspired to unlock their ability.  It is a platform of methodologies to identifying where their average qualities exist to stimulate personal growth.

Declan Brown and I are 22 years old.  We are not here to give you advice, although advice is buried within each sentence. We are here to bring more awareness.  There is a consistent effort and struggle to improve areas of life whether you are aware of it or not.  Some people have goals, others murmur to them self, “I wish I was better at that” or “I wish I had more time to improve that”.  Backpocket has made a conscious decision to identify these moments as average qualities.

Why is identifying average qualities important?  From our experience of engaging in intellectually curious conversations, as I write this blog, with over 60 guests, the average quality question unpacks lessons learned.  Whether the guest outlines an average habit or average emotions, they are taking time to reflect on an experience or series of experiences in which they had an unexpected or even an undesired outcome.  There may be failure rooted in their average qualities, and these types of reflections unlock opportunities for personal growth.

The guests on our show are bridging the gap to ignite your success story.  Declan and I are a pair of wildly average hosts with a desire to share the stories of ordinary people with extraordinary passions.  Our averageness partnered with the unique collaboration of so many wonderful guests has been a blessing.  If you have made it this far, you are a tier above the rest; you have chosen to join us on our journey to promote positive inspiration.

Please comment below any thoughts, questions, or concerns! We love to interact with our marketing interns.