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S2 E32 - Top 3 Golden Nuggets

You Got This

(feat. Stationary Astronaut)

Season 2 Episode 32

Backpocket’s Golden Nuggets

  1. Different level of anxiety are inside all of us, and every single person will handle it differently. If there is a way to embrace the anxiety by recognizing and appreciating when it’s encountered, then a deep consciousness of power can be utilized.

  2. Provide people with unique opportunities. In order to book/interview incredibly talented people, you have to provide them with a unique opportunity that will provide value to them

  3. People are becoming more in tune with themselves. When they need help, they look within. Not necessarily a higher external power, but rather they on themselves to push forward. If you focus on yourself wholeheartedly, life becomes malleable, you can start taking risks and tap into something that only you have. Accomplishing tasks in this fashion builds confidence and builds you into something you can appreciate and love.

Disclaimer: Our personal definition of a golden nugget is discovering and extracting something useful we can build on. We are writing this thread to open up more avenues of conversation between us and our audience. We desire interaction!

Interacting with us on this page is straightforward. Go to the bottom of the page and write up a comment. It could be your golden nugget or it could be a critique of ours. All energy is welcome.

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