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Sundays: Undoubtedly the Best Part of Adulthood

This morning as I happened to be driving by the library of my alma mater, I thought to myself how strange it was that I wasn’t spending my Sunday there like I had spent so many Sunday’s prior. Just about every Sunday in college, I’d sleep in way too long, pick up the pieces from the night before, make sure I didn’t share something stupid on social media (My Facebook and Snapchat followers know what I mean), shower, and walk my sorry, hungover ass over to the library to finish (and probably start) a paper due in the next day or two. After this sentimental montage of memories passed through my mind, I thought, “F&*% THAT”. Now that I’m an “adult” and am working full time, I don’t have to deal with any of that. It’s awesome. I finally understand what the whole “day of rest” thing is all about. Sunday scaries are a distant memory and I’m experiencing what it’s like to not have a worry in the world for an entire day of the week. A feeling I never knew as a college student. In college, Sunday’s felt like I was the fat kid at the sledding hill struggling to make my way up while all my skinny friends stood at the top chucking snowballs at me and laughing their asses off every time one hit me and I rolled halfway back down. Now I’m the asshole at the top with the golden arm.

Now that I’ve got a job, I can afford to do things on Sunday’s like go out to brunch at swanky hipster places instead of the school cafeteria (I can even pay for a girl who would be sorry enough for me to agree to such a thing). I would have never had that pleasure while eating soggy eggs and cold sausage on campus. Speaking of food, I can finally watch Khalil Mack eat quarterbacks for breakfast without the thought of an upcoming Spanish test looming over me like the Grim Reaper. In college, there was nothing worse than having to leave a game unwatched because duty was calling at the lib. ¡No mas, hombre! At church, I’m done praying for the mental stamina and motivation to keep studying the rest of the day. Now I’m telling the Big Guy thanks for all this free time and praying for my friends and cousins still in college having to deal with these burdens.

My point is this, for the first 22 and a half years of my life, Sunday’s were probably the second worst day of the week. Now, they are easily the second best day of the week and arguably the first on a wildly average weekend. That’s one helluva turnaround if you ask me. Congrats Sunday, the new Most Improved day of the week.