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S1 E15 - A Longer Than Normal Podcast feat. Coach Marcus Jones

Marcus Jones is a former University of Minnesota football player and current athletic training coach. We discuss his football career and how he’s using the lessons learned from his playing days in his coaching life. He also drops some knowledge bombs with what he learned the day we interviewed him.

(00:30) Average Quality, (02:09) Inserra Bocce Tournament, (04:45) The Italian Game of Morra, (06:57) Joke of the Day, (08:12) Curbside Stories, (12:56) No time for Podcasts?, (16:25) Interview w/ Coach Marcus Jones, (47:24) Father Advice from the Guys @ the Backpocket, (51:54) Coach Jones on Lebron/MJ, (54:40) Bad Podcasting w/ Coach Jones, (59:26) What did Coach Jones learn today?, (1:02:31) REMEMBERING THE AVERAGE SPORTING EVENTS OF 2016, (1:09:21) What did we learn?, (1:12:29) Feel Good Story

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