The Backpocket Podcast

Monday Show

S2 E39 - Finding What You Love feat. Gino Giovannelli

Gino Giovanelli is a digital marketing professor at the University of St. Thomas. We discuss his journey from being an engineering student at Bucknell to becoming a professor in marketing. We also discuss the concepts he teaches in his class and how you can make yourself a stronger candidate when applying for jobs. On top of running SuperBowl 52’s website and traveling to Latin America every January, Gino also finds time to be a drummer in a band. Also, he met his wife studying abroad in Italy. How sweet is that? We may pronounce his name wrong in a brutal fashion, but we had an awesome time interviewing him! Stick around for the back end to hear how our Halloween Ball featuring Yam Haus sponsored by BauHaus Brew Labs all went down. The good, the bad, and the unexpected! Enjoy!

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