The Backpocket Podcast

Monday Show

S2 E40 - Getting Twisted feat. Dot's Pretzels

After all the Dot’s Pretzels we consumed, we decided to get the story behind these magical twisted sticks. We had a conversation with Dot and her husband Randy unpacking their journey to creating Dot’s Pretzels. Dot had a 30 year career in finance and was retired before she started making pretzels as a hobby for family and friends. The hobby turned into a business and now that business sells pretzels in 46 of the 50 states. Creating a delicious pretzel brand wasn’t a lifelong dream for these two, as Dot said this idea “just worked out”, so they went with it! Tune in to get advice on running a start up, how to keep going when times get tough, why pretzel making keeps them young, and Declan’s idea for a pretzel dog treat (Spoiler: They don't bite on it.)

Want to snag a bag of these awesome pretzels? Check out their website to place an order or find your local Dots grocery store:

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