The Backpocket Podcast

Monday Show

S2 E38 - Life's a Beach feat. Josh Leddy

Josh Leddy is the founder of Life’s a Beach Shoreline Services. He may be one of the few people that actually loves cleaning lakes, and that made for a fantastic interview. To properly quote him, he once said “There is nothing better than starting your day jumping into the lake and pulling some weeds. It’s liberating”. A true hero to homeowners on Lake Minnetonka, Josh provides an affordable and safe option for weed removal. The daunting task of cleaning 10,000 lakes of Minnesota doesn’t slow Josh down. Tune in and hear some of his tricks to having such a positive mindset in this industry, such as doing push ups every morning. Listen to his process, enjoy learning about his journey through starting Life’s a Beach, injuries from hockey, and finding a new passion in beer. 

Are you a lake house owner and looking for a safer and more affordable alternative to cleaning up your shoreline? Get in contact with Josh and set up and appointment on his website.

Also if you like beer, check out Josh’s Back Channel Brewery.

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