The Backpocket Podcast

Monday Show

S2 E34 - Sober October feat. Dr. Matt Wiest

The boys are sober for the entire month and we have one hell of a podcast to start off the month with Chiropractor and founder of The Center of Movement Matt Wiest. Matt may be the first and only guest we’ve had who could run through a brick wall. We talk about how we grew his passion for being a chiropractor and trainer as well as how he is attacking the health care industry. Matt also discusses being a local chiropractor and how to deals with the competitive market. We also break down the shift in the nutrition and health culture and Matt’s keys to living your best life.

(02:00) Average Quality, (05:00) Sober October, (10:00) Matt Wiest, (01:11:00) W.D.W.L., (01:15:00) Feel Good Story

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