The Backpocket Podcast

Monday Show

S2 E36 - The Energized Butterfly feat. Brandon Poliszuk

Brandon Poliszuk is the founder of  The Social Butterfly Company. What started as a college class requirement at Mankato has turned into a full on passion driven media company. Brandon discusses his brick by brick mindset, his competitiveness, and dealing with the rapid growth of The Social Butterfly. We also learn about his family roots and how his unique family situation influenced him. Brandon has some serious dedication to his start up, so much that he got a tattoo for it! We dive into Brandon’s creation story and tap into the energy he has building his passion. A serious go getter who brought a lot to our circle table conversation.

(01:00) Saying of the Month = "We're doing it live!" (02:00) Average Quality = "Defining a marketing intern" (05:45) An a attempt at a comedy sketch = "Growing & Development" (10:00) Brandon Poliszuk = "Founder of Social Butterfly and a game changing work horse" (01:08:30) What Did We Learn = "Tonight show w/ Jimmy Fallon & Daylight Savings" (01:14:00) Feel Good Story = "Challenging ourselves through Sober October"

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